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Evacuation Planning For Harvey

Last Stand is calling on the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners to direct county-wide emergency management planners to revise hurricane evacuation procedures to better assure the safety of residents and visitors to the Florida Keys. Hurricane Harvey is the...

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Shrimp Farm Workforce Housing Proposal

This August, the Board of County Commissioners will meet in Key West to consider a request to change the land use category of the property known as the "Shrimp Farm" on Summerland Key. Neighbors were vocal in opposition at the Planning Commission meeting where the...

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10 months ago
As bouts with killer algae rose, Florida gutted its water quality monitoring network

You get what you pay for. Gov. Scott consistently cut funding for water quality and environmental protection. Now scientists don't have the data to predict problems, so there is no effective response ... See more

Despite rising threats from pollution fueled by increasing development and climate change, Florida has repeatedly cut back on monitoring its water and providing critical data that scientists need to ... See more

1 year ago
Florida’s municipal utilities go solar in big way

Good News for Keys Energy customers - our power is getting Greener.

What’s called &qout;the largest municipal-backed solar project in the nation&qout; was announced Friday by the Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA). In conjunction with 12 Florida municipal ... See more

1 year ago
Expert: FPL’s Turkey Point pollution fix will take 60 years

Here is an expert's view of potential to fix the Turkey Point Cooling Canal pollution of the aquifer. 60 years is too long, the alternative of conventional cooling towers should be implemented to ... See more

Florida Power & Light’s cleanup of polluted water seeping from its Turkey Point nuclear pl...

1 year ago
I pledged to

Last Stand is encouraging it's Facebook friends to Take the Pledge and skip the straw. DEP pledge is for one week but this is an easy way to permanently reduce plastic use that often ends up ... See more

I pledged to